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In 2021, Liuhua Market and the merchants in the venue joined hands with the Guangdong Oola Charity Foundation to launch the "Friendly Community Project" to deliver anti-epidemic materials to grassroots workers in the community to help Guangzhou fight the epidemic.

In 2020, the new crown epidemic ravaged the world. In response to the national policy of "Six Guarantees and Six Stability", Liuhua Market actively and orderly resumed work, and at the same time, it cooperated with merchants in the venue to help fight the epidemic with science and technology, and delivered nearly 100,000 pieces of medical supplies to the front line of the anti-epidemic to overcome the difficulties together.

In 2008, the Wenchuan earthquake affected hundreds of millions of people. Liuhua Market organized a large-scale disaster relief activity, and the merchants in the market donated nearly 5 million yuan of relief materials, and a large number of overseas buyers and passers-by also actively participated. The market also organized a transportation team to send love to the disaster area with merchants.

In 1998, the Yangtze River flood disaster was urgent, and the whole country rushed to help. Liuhua Market organized merchants in the market to work overtime to make new clothes for the first time, and pioneered a self-employed charter plane to deliver more than 5 million disaster relief materials to the hands of disaster victims and disaster relief personnel. There are also merchants who went to the disaster area with the plane, braving the scorching heat and wading through the water to carry relief materials, which was widely reported by CCTV and other well-known media.


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