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Guangzhou Liuhua Fashion Wholesale Market, opened in 1996, quickly became a leading hub for foreign trade export garments in the China region. Over the years, we have expanded and modernized, establishing ourselves as a key player in the industry. In 2021, LiuHua Market joined the pilot government program of market procurement trade and launched the country's first vertical apparel wholesale e-commerce platform base on physical wholesale market,

The market hosts over 1,200 foreign trade businesses, exporting more than 160 clothing categories to various regions. With an annual export of over $2.5 billion to 160 countries, we have gained recognition globally. Actively participating in international exhibitions, the market has become an important supplier in the global apparel wholesale trade.

Embracing digitalization, Guangzhou Liuhua Fashion Wholesale Market is evolving its business models. Focus on supporting small and medium-sized foreign trade apparel wholesale vendors by providing comprehensive services such as legal consultation, finance, taxation, logistics, and customs declaration. The market is fostering a new era of trade through a combination of market procurement and apparel wholeale e-commerce, aiming to help businesses base themselves in Guangzhou, expand nationally, and reach global markets.

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