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What is 1039?

This refers to a trade method where qualified businesses buy goods worth less than or equal to 150,000 US dollars within a government licensed and recognized market area and complete the necessary export procedures at the place of purchase.

What are the advantages of 1039?

· No Value-Added Tax

Suppliers can collect the funds from overseas through TT/Wire Transfer without any Import/Export license.

· Secure and Legal Collection of payments

Newly Implement policy of "who exports, who collects foreign exchange", and allows suppliers who have not acquire Import/Export license to directly collect foreign exchange.

· Suitable for Purchasing Multiple Varieties, Batches, in Small/Large Quantities

Customs and other export departments implement suitable clearance measures for goods exported under 1039 by declaring them in a specific category.

Full International Logistics & Freight forwarding Services

We partner with more than 100 global shipping companies, services across the country include expert custom clearance providers and reliable freight companies for domestic and international transportation and warehousing services. These robust partnerships enable us to offer highly competitive prices and comprehensive service solutions for international trade.


*Steps above will be assisted by Guangzhou Liuhua Market’s designated service providers.All users need to do is providing order informations.

Guangzhou Liuhua Market’s designated service providers.


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