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Guangzhou Liuhua Fashion: Opening up a New Path of Foreign Trade


On May 23rd, the "Liuhua Fashion Wholesale Buying Season· Cross-border Live Broadcast Festival"was held in Guangzhou Liuhua Fashion Wholesale Market.


A wave of enthusiasm for purchasing online and offline


The 2023 China Liuhua International Fashion Festival (Spring&Summer) and Liuhua Fashion Wholesale Buying Season have returned with greatsignificance.

A number of characteristic exhibition halls are set up offline in Guangzhou Liuhua Fashion Wholesale Market, the main market of this fashion festival, to display distinctive fashion garments around the world, with a large number of sales promotions. By presenting free hotel stays, buffets, the Pearl River night tours and a series of surprise gifts, it attracted overseas merchants to purchase in the market.

In addition, the event was also held online through "cross-border e-commerce+live streaming", giving purchase coupons up to $1,000, organizing a series of 100 live events, and spreading the events on popular social media abroad through special live broadcasts, on-site live broadcasts, institutional broadcasts, and store visits.

To keep up with the changes in mainstream channels, Guangzhou Liuhua Fashion Wholesale Market has established its own cross-border e-commerce platform "LIUHUAMALL. com" and built a Liuhua cross-border live streaming center to obtain a new arena of cross-border trade.Cross-border live broadcasting helps fashion go overseas

Through "cross-border e-commerce+live broadcasting", Guangzhou Liuhua Fashion Wholesale Market has further empowered traditional merchants to transform and upgrade. A service platform integrating product display, seller selection, supply chain connecting, online promotion and other services has been officially opened.


"Do you want to try this one?" Ruha, an Iranian streamer, is filming a short video in a dazzling clothing room. She introduced the products in the market to foreign audiences in English. In another live broadcast room, a Guangzhou streamer is introducing fashion styles in fluent English, while the operators beside are monitoring purchase data while listing related products in an orderly manner.

Foreign internet celebrities from different countries enter the market and stores, thus allowing overseas merchants to have a deeper understanding of the brand story and products, bridging the gap between consumers and merchants, and attracting more consumers'attention and purchases.广州:流花服装”跨境电商+直播“开辟出海新路径







“Do you want to try this one?”一名来自伊朗的主播Ruha正在琳琅满目的服装间拍摄短视频。她用英语向国外观众介绍市场内的商品。在另一个直播间内,一名广州主播正用娴熟的英语介绍着服装款式,旁边的运营人员一边紧盯着购买数据,一边有条不紊地上架相关商品。



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